It’s a family thing

It all started about 50 years ago with a love for food, family, and community.  At a very early age, Kate Kruger began developing her love for cooking and creating home cooked food for family meals and community events.  For years, she served her family by providing meals for all of the farm hands, with her daughter Patti right by her side.  As time passed, Kate and Patti began serving the community with their love for preparing hearty meals.  The two have been working together for over 35 years, providing gourmet home cooked meals all over southern Ohio and beyond.  Together, with the support of family, friends and community members, they began creating, catering, and hosting events at the Sunroom at the Brick in October 2004.  While our business has grown and even changed since we first began, one thing remains the same; our love for food, family, and community



The Sunroom is here to cater to your every need.  Our building sits on 4 acres; allowing us to offer both indoor and outdoor dining and meeting spaces.  We’d love for you and your group to come visit us.

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